All across the Isle of Wight,

Creatures hide just out of sight.

And little elven folk do dwell,

'Neath the Earth, until Spring's bell

Chimes aloud and signals waken!

And so the Winter is forsaken.

Can you find the fairy doors?

Can you hear the little snores?

From creatures who've been hard at work,

Now asleep beneath the dirt.

Follow the clues on our




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Coming to the Isle of Wight this Christmas, Forest Fables is a magical theatrical family show. Each bubbled group will embark on a journey of discovery through the enchanted rooms and corridors of the National Trust’s Mottistone Manor to uncover hidden stories found within Nature. Chance upon captivating, clever and curious creatures ready to impart their tales in this fun and fabulously festive promenade performance. You will hear stories of majestic forests, ancient landscapes and the little creatures who serve them, inspiring each child to become a custodian of this precious land.